FNHA 30X30 Active Challenge
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The FNHA 30x30 Active Challenge
We invite all Indigenous peoples across BC to join us in the FNHA 30x30 Active Challenge during the month of June!
  • Commit with us to the goal of doing 30 minutes of physical activity each day during the month of June (30 days) 
  • Get your friends and family to take up the challenge
  • Read our social media posts, share your experience with us, use our hashtags on your posts (or tag the FNHA), win prizes throughout the month
  • Have fun and try new activities
  • Being active is fun!
  • Being active helps maintain health and fitness over time.
  • Being active increases your energy and enhances mental-wellbeing.
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What can I do for the 30x30 Challenge?


Walk * Run * Swim * Hike * Bike * Tan a Hide * Play a Sport *  Traditional Dance * Fitness Class * Lift Weights * Canoe * Kayak * Yard Work * Martial Arts * Play * Many other activities!
Make sure you get your heart rate up!
*Check with your care provider before starting a new exercise routine if you are unsure of your health status, have multiple health concerns, or are pregnant. 
The FNHA 2021 30x30 Challenge
Every day you make decisions that can have a positive impact on your health and wellness – make this one of them!